This particular painting created in oils and acrylic, was inspired by a day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my children. A beautiful bright sunny day where we took a long leisurely walk, exploring and relaxing together.

The thistles by the waters edge were beautiful. Such an eye-catching plant with its protective spikes or prickles that look strong and purposeful and the soft, fluffy seed heads that act like a kind of seed parachute, helping to spread them far and wide.  Scottish people say the thistle connotes bravery, courage and loyalty in the face of treachery Рthey are a plant that has a lot to say.


On this particular day they were a hive of activity, absolutely ‘humming’ with the sound from the bees. Quite mesmerising and noisy! The buzz of hundreds of busy bees is really quite something when you have the time to soak it up.

An old friend from school got in touch and decided that this was the painting for her……here’s what she had to say about it when it arrived at her house….

‘Oh Faye. Your painting is even more beautiful in real life!!! I can’t wait to hang it and send you a photo.’

I’m over the moon to have another happy customer and someone i have such fond memories of.

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