This piece was a commission requested by one of my fabulous friends.

I was absolutely over the moon when my friend asked me if I would consider painting a picture of her family as a surprise present for her husband. I adore this family, so it was my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to create a commissioned piece just for them.

My friend provided me with a photo, which sparked a conversation about what exactly it was about this particular picture that had inspired her to consider turning it into a painting.

In essence, the photo had captured a great and memorable family day at the beach – and after all, life is all about memories. I for one, have had some of my best family moments at the beach: the smells, the fresh air, the sounds and the endless fun with sand, rock pools and crashing waves. Also, you can’t forget the fresh cockles with vinegar- although I don’t think the rest of my family would agree with me on the last point!.

Anyway, there’s no better way to celebrate a great day out than by turning it into a bespoke image that can be enjoyed by everyone who lays eyes on it. My friend mentioned that she liked the style of some other pieces I’d done in the past, so we decided to transform this particular image in a similar way.

As I know her family very well, it was easy to bring their personalities to life in this painting. As the image provided to me was so great, I already had the structure and composition in place, it was just a case of building up the layers and adding my own style. This particular piece was really fun to create, and it never fails to make me smile when I look at it.

I painted this a while ago now, and since then, they’ve grown and changed a lot (well, three of them at least… can you guess which ones?).

Not to get all sentimental, but time passes by so quickly, and things constantly and unexpectedly change. I feel blessed to have been able to paint a treasured memory of a great family day out for this lovely lot – a memory that has now been captured forever.

Do you have a particular image that you would like turning into a painting? Or perhaps you’ve got an idea in your mind that you’d like transforming into reality? It’s so exciting to hear fresh ideas, and I’m always up for commissions – just get in touch to discuss further! Alternatively, take a look at my most recent collections for some inspiration.

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