This is a particular favourite of mine called ‘Happy Days’.

I’ve got a lot of time for these two people.

This one took a long time and was built up with lots of layers of oil paint over quite a few months. I had to wait patiently for the paint to dry each time i worked on it, before i could add more paint, and then the detail of the painting started to take shape. I love mixing my own colours and enjoy the challenge of creating yet another green or blue colour to help to add depth to this piece.

It was worth all the effort, this is what the owner of the painting has to say about it:

‘This is our favourite painting. It captures a very special time and everyone we know recognises my little boy with his dad, even though a few years have passed now. I gave Faye a whole selection of different photographs to work with, at her request.

I wasn’t sure what she would come up with. She knows these two so well.

They both love to explore and can’t resist searching for things so deciding to capture them in a very still, beautiful place was exactly the right thing to do. I love the way the layers of paint show so many colours but that the painting is still peaceful, just like the man and the boy watching for fish in the river.

I take loads of photographs of my children but seeing this father and son relationship captured in a painting is just wonderful.’

Thanks for this great review, i really appreciate it. It was an absolute pleasure to create this piece for you and it looks fabulous in your home.

Get in touch with me if you’d like your very own piece of original art, its not always easy to decide what you’d like, as lots of people who have approached me about a commissioned piece have found out! I’m happy to guide you through the process – i’d love to hear your ideas.

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