I was super excited that ‘Thistle and Bee’ showed up on BBC Ones, The Big Night In this week, where Comic Relief and Children in Need joined forces to deliver a very special night of television during our lockdown and isolation due to the Coronavirus.

The money raised by The Big Night In will be split between Comic Relief and Children in Need and will go on to support local charities and projects in the UK, so they can continue to provide vital emergency support.

There will be more demand than ever for support from local charities. This includes making sure people are safe from harm, mentally healthy and with access to food, warmth and shelter; as well as helping people stay connected, active and positive through these extraordinary times.

My friend who bought the painting last year is part of the BBC Orchestra who were asked to play their part in the programme raising money for charity.

Matt Lucas’s, ‘Baked Potato Song’, showed members of the orchestra playing their instruments in their houses whilst in lockdown, and Chereene chose to play her violin in front of my painting, she said, “there was no where else in the house I wanted to sit, your painting is fabulous, i’m so proud of you”

Since the programme I have had many compliments about my work and people have been contacting me to say they’d recognised it was one of my pieces straight away – a great feeling i can tell you!

Thanks Chereene.

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