I’m always looking for inspiration in natural forms, its endless, and i can find something new each and every time i go outside. Sometimes it’s finding the right reason to start creating something from the things i see.

So whilst i holidayed with my sister in France in 2018 we spent bit of time looking at some of the pieces i’d been working on, which included an oversized conker made from plaster,  this conversation led to her revealing that during her pregnancies and still to this day my sister and her husband fondly use acorns and conkers as symbols of their children. That got me thinking…….

I decided that i had plenty of time to create something special for her Birthday and that i would focus on acorns and conkers.

I sculpted an acorn and a conker out of air dry clay (the arrival of my kiln was still way in the future at that point).


Unusually for me these sculptures were small and rather lifelike, i even ensured that the conker could be removed from its casing. This was all rather challenging both because of the size and because of the nature of the clay i was using, it gets very delicate and fragile and dries quite quickly.

Once they had dried out it was time to paint them. I used good quality acrylic paint and built up layers of colour. When this was complete and the paint was throughly dry i used a gloss finish varnish for the acorn and the conker and a matt varnish for the cases of each item.


My plan was always for them to sit in a neat box frame so i arranged to get a bespoke one made.

Here’s what my sister had to say about her surprise present….

‘Look at these beautiful treasures! This acorn and conker represent my children and all the joy, wonder and emotion surrounding their arrivals into this world. They are tiny symbols of our little family’s history and my extraordinary sister spent hours sculpting them as an unexpected birthday gift. Thanks faye we all love them x x x x’

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