My Work

My work is born from images, memory, and the freedom of my creative imagination.

I want to capture an emotion or experience, and explore texture. It’s not important for me to capture an exacting likeness. In fact, it’s rare that I produce what I originally expected; but that’s what I love about being an artist… I’m free, and I can do whatever I want!

My Studio

I work in my studio at the bottom of our garden. It's a place where I absolutely love to be.

It hasn’t always been a studio – it used to be home to a tractor, and a massive stack of logs.

I’m super lucky to have this space, even though its a tad chilly in the winter… it’s a good job I’m a sucker for a bobble hat.

I’m inspired by lots of creative processes and constantly want to try something new. Currently, I’m focusing on painting with oils on canvas, as I play with texture and approach my work with unleashed freedom.

Some things just work instantly, and that makes me super happy. Other times I’ll fight back with every stroke of my palette knife, from every inch of the canvas, which can make me loud and shouty.

It’s at those times, and when I’m shouting, singing or dancing, that I thank my lucky stars for my studio!

My Dream

I always wanted to be an artist or a sculptor, but I never followed my dream.

I live in Yorkshire with my family, who mean the absolute world to me. I’ve worked hard throughout my life in rewarding and worthwhile jobs, but none of them involved much creativity.

This brings me to now: as an artist, it’s my time to do what I truly want to do, and let my creativity loose!

I love muddy fields, adventures big or small, freedom, our puppy, curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner, friends, meeting new people, interesting conversations, books, art, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, music, dancing like no one’s watching (especially in my studio)… there’s plenty more!

What I’m not so keen on? Pain, limits, rude people, peanut butter, cold weather, crap service, spiders and lateness.

Commission original artwork

I absolutely love doing what I do. If you’d like to commission me to create your very own piece of art, then please get in touch.

I’d love to hear your idea